Halloween 2019

This Year for Halloween I decided to be a Soilder Girl. #Halloween2019 Top: Forever21  Bottoms: Kyraa Shop Local LA Boutique Shoes; Shoedazzle  Makeup : NetboxxCosmetics


I LOVE THIS BIG HAIR CUTE LIGHT GLAM LOOK. 💫Lightly used NetBoxx Cosmetics Basic palette 💫Netboxx Concealer #3 💫Netboxx Blush #05 💫Netboxx luxury powder #2 💫3Dmink lashes: SD/69 💫Highlighter: #01 💫matte lipstick #05 My favorite look honestly I want this look all the time. Selfielove=Self love be sure to crush and love on yourself. Blogger, Mrs.NelsonContinue reading “#SELFIELOVE WITH NETBOXX”

MOTD NetBoxx Launch

We Recently Launched our Cosmetics line. Here are the products I used to achieve this Makeup Glam look. Shadows from our Netboxx Cosmetics palette 3D Mink lashes #08 Concealer #4 luxury powder #03 Blush: #05 highlighter: 06 Lipstick:#10 Press powders #09 for sculpting and contouring #08 set my entire face @ https://netboxxcosmetics.com

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