Get Ready with me Makeup Look. FYI: I do have a Halter Top on in the entire time in the video.   Foundation: Matchmaster 8.0 for Mac Cosmetics Morphe350 Palette for my eyes Concealer from Tarte  in color Medium Setting Powder Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Contour Palette from Black Radiance in color Medium/ Deep Setting [...]

If I could only Use 5 Beauty Items to Create my Makeup here is what I would Choose

 1. Foundation 2. Concealer  3.Eyelashes  4. Mac Skin mineralizer Compact  5.  Red Lipstick  If You Could Only Use 5 Makeup products from your makeup bin what would they be?   Please feel free to leave your comments below:)   Get social with me: Instagram/Mrsnelson8 Twitter: Mrsnelson411 Or Facebook on my official A Date with Fashion [...]