I love the fact that I don’t have to search high and low for products to help me achieve the perfect makeup look. Netboxx Cosmetics is perfect for individuals who are like me. Offering everything  in one bundle. These boxes are amazing They come with: 3d Mink Lashes : Eyeshadow Palette : Highlighter : BlushContinue reading “MOTD”

Perfect OOTN For Dancing Thank You ShoeDazzle

Late Blog Post: This Month I was invited attend  a very amazing  #ShoeDazzle Dancing event in LA I wanted to share my outfit Details with you. Outfit: @Forever21 Under my jeans I added some athletic shorts which help make my outfit super Comfy. Shoes: Shoedazzle Perfect Fit and The Best Shoes for Style and  DanceContinue reading “Perfect OOTN For Dancing Thank You ShoeDazzle”

MOTD NetBoxx Launch

We Recently Launched our Cosmetics line. Here are the products I used to achieve this Makeup Glam look. Shadows from our Netboxx Cosmetics palette 3D Mink lashes #08 Concealer #4 luxury powder #03 Blush: #05 highlighter: 06 Lipstick:#10 Press powders #09 for sculpting and contouring #08 set my entire face @

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