Get Ready with me Makeup Look. FYI: I do have a Halter Top on in the entire time in the video.   Foundation: Matchmaster 8.0 for Mac Cosmetics Morphe350 Palette for my eyes Concealer from Tarte  in color Medium Setting Powder Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Contour Palette from Black Radiance in color Medium/ Deep Setting [...]

BTS Of Mrs ​Nelson

It's so much that goes into creating styles, capturing the right photos, Choosing the right photos to share with the world. And coming up with the right content to share. This is not including making sure your hair, makeup, and styles are on point, or that I  don't look too fat, bloated or whatever before putting a [...]

Blaze Fashion

  I am always looking to find inspiration from everywhere especially when it comes to style. Check Out My Inspired Blazer Fashion   Blazer: From a Local Fashion Boutique here in Cali Shoes: A Date With City Boutique Inspired Pics from Pinterest.