BTS Of Mrs ​Nelson

It’s so much that goes into creating styles, capturing the right photos, Choosing the right photos to share with the world. And coming up with the right content to share.

This is not including making sure your hair, makeup, and styles are on point, or that I  don’t look too fat, bloated or whatever before putting a product out or even just sharing images through my blog or to even represent other companies. 

I get Down sometimes.

I want to quit.

Yes, sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and make things happen fast, but I  probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much. It’s the process of going through that only makes us  better.

What is That You love To do? 

Are You waking up everyday living or just existing? 

What are You goals? 

Where DO you want to be at in the next 3-5 Years from now? 

Are You closer to goal? 

These are just a few questions I asked myself often. 

I work hard, and recently did some self-evaluation and discovered    I could work harder I know for myself I can go harder. I am taking time to approach new things, learn new things and work my behind off for the outcome of my life. 

No New Year Resolutions

Just Goals 

I just wanted to share with you a glimpse of BTS with Me. Thank You to everyone who likes and follows and supports me. I truly whole heartedly appreciate and love you Kings and Queens. 

Published by mrsnelson8

Fashion and Beauty Blogger. Owner of Netboxx Cosmetics Owner of A Date In The City

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