I Could Care Less What You Think

I have always been that girl that like my clothes kinda fitted.

I have always had curves, and I have never been afraid to show them off and embrace them with certain outfits I wear. I know how far to go so I never try to overdo it, and that’s just me. People use to try to make me feel bad for the way I  like to wear my clothes and I even tried to change due to others perspective and what they would say.  The more I tried to live up to what others thought of me or wanted me to change, the more miserable and unhappy it made me feel. That was younger me. I DO NOT have that same energy today and I  could care less today about anyone’s opinion at the 31-year-old me.

Me Fact: I love my clothing trendy,  chic and fitted.   I have Curves and I embrace them and love every one of them.

 Chapter 31 Jumpsuit  available now @ ADITC

Facetune_19-10-2018-09-47-05Facetune_18-10-2018-19-37-34 4Facetune_18-10-2018-19-18-39 2Facetune_18-10-2018-19-31-51 3IMG_4596Facetune_18-10-2018-21-21-48 2Facetune_18-10-2018-21-26-25 2Facetune_18-10-2018-19-30-48 4Facetune_18-10-2018-19-29-23 3Facetune_18-10-2018-21-22-55 2Facetune_18-10-2018-20-54-42 2Facetune_18-10-2018-20-55-31 2Facetune_18-10-2018-19-27-22 2

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