Be Bold/ Quickie Tips to Help your Makeup Look More Bolder

Warning: This Blog Post is only for the bold and Beautiful. 

Sometimes you have to come out of your shell and risk it all. J/K  

Hey Fashionista/ Beauty Lovers, Welcome back to my blog.

I just came to give you a quick little list on how to take a simple makeup look up a few notches  go bigger and bolder in no time.  Trust me sometimes its a good thing. 

Here is a list to help you get started: 

1. Longer Bolder Lashes 


2. Deep Contouring

3 Little Plum, Raspberry Blush

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4. A Nice Bold Lip of your choice, Bold pink, Bold Red heck you van even do dark purple,  blue, green  or yellow, your choice just something with color and different from your normal that looks good on you and compliments your skin tone.


5. Highlight it’s okay to layer highlights for your special evening or if you are just like me and live for a popping highlight no matter what the occasion highlights are a makeup lovers best friend.


6. Nice Big Bold Earrings or chunky necklace piece with your favorite fashionable style and you my friend will not only turn heads, but you read diva/fashionista all in one.


The Last un- numbered tip is to return the following day back to your  normal  makeup face, but be sure to take one bold piece from the night or day before with you into your simple normal day to day makeup look.


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Fashion and Beauty Blogger. Owner of Netboxx Cosmetics Owner of A Date In The City

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